Volvo S90 Launch

A choreographed performance for the all-new Volvo S90 launch event in China
In December 2016 we were commissioned to create a choreographed performance for the launch of the all-new Volvo S90 in China. In the stunning short show two dancers created a universe of minimalistic design and architecture that were inspiring Volvo designers and engineers while they were working on this flagship car.

Concept Art

Set Design


Director, Creative Producer
Executive Producer

Lighting Designer
Costume Designer
Production by
Music & sound design by
Filming & Editing
Denis Astakhov
Olga Valitova
Tatyana Chizhikova
Ilya Karpel
Yuri Chulkov
Stepan Novikov
Leila Erdman
Wireframe Studio
Hyperboloid Studio
Evgeny Arkhipov
Anton Arkhipov