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Palo Alto Networks VR

Palo Alto Networks VR experience at Grace Hopper Celebration Conference
In October 2017, Palo Alto Networks, a cyber security company, was taking part in the Grace Hopper Celebration Conference, the world's largest gathering of women IT technologists. As part of a recruiting campaign on the venue, they had approached us to create a VR experience for their booth that would introduce the company, its vision and values to prospective employees.

Together with Mosaic, we came up with a concept called Fearless Future: one day in a life of a girl that lives in a near future where cyber threats are eliminated by Palo Alto Networks. She wakes up, greets her digital assistant and heads through the future city to a job interview at Palo Alto Networks…

Concept Art



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Music & Sound Design

Denis Astakhov
Victor Lander
Anastasia Matrosova
Yaroslav Primachenko
Alexey Churochkin

Dmitry Cheremnov
Dmitry Cheremnov
Yaroslav Primachenko
Evgenia Zhukova
Vlad Kiselev
Alexey Churochkin
Alexey Churochkin