Moscow, Russia

Dance Performance '8'

Multimedia performance beyond the rules
Together with Dream Laser we experimented with the idea to create multimedia performance beyond the rules. We've created an artistic piece at the interface of multiple genres.

Performance "8" is a complete story told on multiple layers with dance, music, video-projection and scenography. Even case study video became a standalone work, shot with a long take during rehearsals. The stage was designed to evolve and transform during the performance.

To execute all our ideas, we've created special techniques, developed multiple stage designs, performed tests and built prototypes. Automated show control was run by d3 4x4pro media server and projection mapping on a moving objects was done with BlackTrax — an intellectual tracking system.

Concept Art

Set Design


Produced by

Creative Producer
Director & Choreographer
Director of Photography


Stage Design


Lighting Designer
Costume Designer

Production by
Technical Director
Set Construction
Camera Crew

Special thanks
Dream Laser

Denis Astakhov
Aleksey Karpenko
Evgeny Arkhipov
Daniil Kutuzov
Konstantin Shun
Mitya Vikhornov

Denis Astakhov
Daniil Kutuzov
Snezhana Kryukova
Oleg Klevakin
Stepan Novikov
Asya Solovyeva

Dream Laser
Alexander Istomin
Anton Arkhipov
Konstantin Bykovskiy

Olga Zakharova
Maria Zayter
ADG Group team
Maksim Promix
Dmitriy Yakovlevskiy
O/S/A Okean Storytelling Agency